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Find local discounts on drinks, food, smartphones, books and much more (132 more categories to be precise). All offered by businesses near your campus. Basically all you need to survive.

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Every recommendation, comment, page follow, share etc earns you vouchers virtual credits you can use to save more $ in the real world. We rank students based on their voucher amount which increases with each activity. Can you make it to the top in your campus or country?

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Buddy System

See products and businesses that students in your campus are raving about via Campus Discounts friend recommendations in your feed. What better way to learn of great deals and businesses than through your friends.

Customized Feeds

Everyone’s tastes are different and we want to keep it that way. Determine what content you want displayed on your feeds by filtering friend recommendations to suite your specific interests.


Build your own community around your passion, business or hobby. Create a group, your private or public (by default) space to share and discuss stuff with your campus mates.