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Get to share great experiences with your friends.



When you see something you like, you definitely want your friends to experience it too. Campus Discounts recommendations help you share discounts,businesses or apps that you like because just like in life, the best things are worth sharing. These recommendations are what you see in your feeds.

Discount Recommendations


Tell you friends about that awesome discount you got or like in one easy step. While viewing a discount, click on the share icon to recommend it to your friends. This recommendation also displays the posting page's details like name, contacts, ratings and more.
You can also share a discount recommendation from your feed by clicking on the reply icon.

Discount Recommendation
Discount Recommendation

Page Recommendations


Like a certain business that offers great discounts? Recommend it to your friends by clicking on the share icon just below the business page details. This recommendation also shows three random discounts posted by the page.
You can also share a page recommendation from your feed by clicking on the share icon.

Page Recommendation
Page Recommendation

Student Developer


Grow or build apps on our easy to use API. Read more on our APIs and how to get started in the developers segment.

Student Entrepreneur


If you own a business, you can create a page and start posting discounts targeted at fellow students in your campus.
A page is basically a business profile on Campus Discounts. You only need one page for your business. Your page lets you tell the world about your business, post discounts, receive and respond to client messages and much more.

Read more in our businesss support centre and access free guides to help you grow your business.