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Saying hi is the best way to kick off an amazing relationship.


Campus Discounts is a global social network where students find and recommend discounts offered by businesses near campus.
We have 36,507 campus locations, spreadout across the globe, where students like you find amazing discounts posted by local businesses.



  • Save money. Everyday, find amazing discounts posted by local businesses. There are over 132 product categories, so you get offers on everything you need.
  • See what discounts, products and businesses students in your campus are talking about via friend recommendations in your feed. Recommendations made by your friends help you know whats trending in your campus.
  • Great rewards. Join, get a $5 voucher. Be active, earn more vouchers and redeem these vouchers to save more on special discounts. Details here
  • Connect and share with other users near you, life’s best experiences (and discounts) are worth sharing.
  • Enhance your experience using numerous apps found in our App Zone.
  • Join or create groups based on your interests and build a community.

Getting Started


Businesses using Campus Discounts require a page. Once created, this page is used to post discounts, receive and respond to client messages, integrate with other socila platforms and much more.

You need to join and create a page for your business.

  • New to Campus Discounts? Join and create a page in one easy step.
  • Have you registered but not created a page? Log in, click on your profile picture on the top right, select 'My Pages', click create and fill in your business details.
  • Have you already registered and created a business page? Log in, click on your profile picture on the top right, select 'My Pages' to access your business page, click the gear icon and select post discount and follow up by adding your product details.
  • If you have forgotten your account details click sign up and scroll down to the forgot pssword segment to reset your password and log in.

Your Feed


Usually when you want to buy something, ask your crush out on a date you ask your friends for advice. Is the product worth the cash? Is your crush a good choice? and so much more. Campus Discounts works pretty much in the same way, except we can't give details about your crush.

Here, your friends recommend discounts, businesses and apps for you to check out. These recommendations make up your user feed. While on your feed, you can recommend, share,like or comment on discounts, pages and app recommendations made. Similarly, recommendatons you make appear in your friends' feeds.