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A brief walk through your Campus Discounts user profile; whats needed and how to utilize it. Get more details here

Public Details


By default, all profiles created on Campus Discounts are public. Thus anyone can search for and view your user profile.
When on your profile, other users first see a card displaying your name, country, university and major if indicated. There are options for the user to send you a friend request, message you or report your profile for malicious activity.

Below this, there is another card with various tabs showing your Campus Discounts activity. The recommendations tab shows discount, page, group and app recommendations that you have made. The friends tab displays your friends. Business pages that you have created or manage are visible in the pages tab while those pages you follow are seen in the following tab.


Profile Dashboard


Here, we refer to profile content that only you can see.
When logged in, click on your profile picture on the top right, select "My Profile" to view your profile dashboard. From the dashboard, you can access profile settings to edit your details, your friends list, your campus, your pages, your apps, your groups and so much more as detailed here

Profile Edit


You need to be logged so as to edit your profile details. Click on your profile picture on the top right, select "My Profile" and choose "My Settings". This displays four different tabs.
Edit your name, email and campus in the user details tab; edit your profile picture in the edit avatar tab; customize your feed by telling us what your interests are in the interests tab and tell others about yourself in the user details tab.




Your privacy is of extreme importance to us. The information we collect from you is used to: personalize your experience,to improve our platform and customer service,to communicate with you or send you periodic emails.
Your information, whether public or private,will not be sold,exchanged,transferred,or given to any other company for any reason whatsoever,without your consent.
For a detailed look at our privacy policy read our policy document here.



In line with ensuring that you have a trouble free experience, we have set up strict guidelines for users, businesses and app developers. If you are aggrieved, we allow you to report spammy or malicious users, pages and apps. Whats more, you can also report fake offers or business malpractice.
Simply click on the report button while on a page, profile, discount or app and tell us whats wrong.
We handle any raised concerns quickly and discreetly with the aim of keeping our users happy.