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Your page lets you tell the world about your business, post discounts, receive and respond to client messages and much more.

Creating and Accessing Your Page


You need to register in order to create a page.

  • New to Campus Discounts? Join and create a page in one easy step.
  • Have you registered but not created a page? Log in, click on your profile picture on the top right, select 'My Pages', click create and fill in your business details.
  • Have you already registered and created a business page? Log in, click on your profile picture on the top right, select 'My Pages' to access your business page.
If you have forgotten your account details click forgot password link at the bottom of every page to reset your password and log in.

Page View


A page is basically a business profile on Campus Discounts. You only need one page for your business. Users can choose to follow your page to receive instant notifications whenever you post new discounts.
Users see your page name plus a black arrow icon at the top of your page. clicking this icon displays options to share your page on other social platforms, message your page and more. You and other people you choose as page managers can also see a manage option cicking this gives you access to page actions like edit, post discount, analytics and more.
Below this is a product slideshow slot that remains blank until you add product images. Details on how to do this are in the edit page section below.
Ready to boost your sales? Post discounts today!

The next section just below the product image slideshow contains tabs which open when clicked on to display content. Your business description is displayed in the about us tab, next tab has business page recommendations made by users. User price, product and service ratings and reviews are visiblein different tabs. The last tab shows users who have as well as follower numbers.
Business recommendations are made by users when they share your business page with their friends. They are visible to all of the recommending user’s friends. A user can only rateand review a page once. Ratings are done on a scale of 1-5 star basis with results displayed in each section. Written reviews for each rating are also displayed.


At the bottom, users can view discounts that you have posted. This part is blank if you haven’t posted any discounts.

Managing Your Page


Whether on desktop or mobile use the edit page section to add or edit information about your page. While on your page, click on the black arrow icon at the top right, select manage and choose edit to access the following tabs containing your business page details.

Map location. Get more customers into your store by adding your store’s location so that your business appears on our global map. Simply zoom in/out and drag the marker to show your location.

Basic details. Edit your business page name, about, and country of operation here. Tip: squeeze in important details like your contact details and location in about. The first 140 characters are displayed in users’ feeds.

Extended details. Add more information about your business like email address and url links to your other social media accounts. This information will appear in the about us section on your page.

Edit logo. Upload a logo or image that users can use to identify your business.

Edit slides. Showcase your products in an image slideshow that works on both web and mobile platforms by adding images here. Click select image, choose your image and upload. Repeat for each image separately.

Category tags. Here, tag your businesses in up to 3 categories that describe what you do. Users need to know your business’ specialty and easily search for businesses in their country that are tagged in specific categories. Simply add the fitting tags and commit all changes at once.

Managers. Add other users, who you are friends with on Campus Discounts, to help manage your page. Type the friend’s name and optionally assign them a department. Page managers can edit the page, post discounts and make purchases for your page. Also remove managers in this section.

Page Messages

Here, view and respond to direct messages sent to your business page. These messages appear in the respective user’s inbox.

Page Analytics

Access detailed analytics on your follower numbers, page recommendations and ratings, discount likes, comments and much more. You can use this data to help you assess and grow your marketing efforts on the platform.

Page Account

Page account refers to your business page’s cash and credits reserve on Campus Discounts. This is money that you will need when you want to use discounts and/or page premium features or purchase apps on the platform so as to boost your marketing. Page managers can top up and monitor cash and credit balances. Click the black arrow icon next to the page name, select manage and choose account.