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Start marketing your products and business to thousands eveyday.


Campus Discounts is a global social network where students find and recommend discounts offered by businesses near campus.
We have 36,507 campus locations, spreadout across the globe, where businesses, like yours, can market to thousands of students near them daily. Join 1.2 million businesses already on our platfrom.



We help you market your business by reaching thousands of students near you daily. We help you interact with your clients, reach and convert new customers and showcase your products online. What we offer:

  • Extensive marketing reach. Your discount posts are visible to students in the 3 campuses you tag and all other campuses within a 10km radius.
  • Free location-based advertising. Add your business to our global map to give discount searching users directions to your store. Reach your customers at the right time, in the right place.
  • Detailed analytics for your page and discounts. Use this to better plan your marketing.
  • Easy to execute and effecive promotional options to help you reach a massive audience, create brand awareness and grow revenue.
  • Direct marketing; advertising where businesses communicate directly to customers. Interact with customers through direct and instant messaging, comments and more.
  • Access and use apps from our App Zone to increase the functionality of your business page and discount promotions.
  • A blog with comprehensive articles and guides about connecting with your customers, maximizing your page and growing your business.
  • A detailed self-help and faqs section plus dedicated 24/7 client support.

Getting Started


Businesses using Campus Discounts require a page. Once created, this page is used to post discounts, receive and respond to client messages, integrate with other socila platforms and much more.

You need to join and create a page for your business.

  • New to Campus Discounts? Join and create a page in one easy step.
  • Have you registered but not created a page? Log in, click on your profile picture on the top right, select 'My Pages', click create and fill in your business details.
  • Have you already registered and created a business page? Log in, click on your profile picture on the top right, select 'My Pages' to access your business page, click the gear icon and select post discount and follow up by adding your product details.
  • If you have forgotten your account details click sign up and scroll down to the forgot pssword segment to reset your password and log in.