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We compiled the most commonly used terms for easy understanding. Also refer to our interactive multilingual faq section.

Page. This is your business' profile on Campus Discounts. Once you create a page you can use it to tell the world about your business, post discounts, receive and respond to client messages and much more.

Page ratings- values between 1 and 5 that users give to your business’s pricing, product and service. They are visible on your page.

Page reviews. These are comments that users make while rating your business. They are also visible on your page.

Page subscribers. These are users who follow your business page so as to get instant notifications whenever you post a new discount.

Premium features. These are features designed to boost your page and discounts on our platform and on other social media platforms. Discounts premium features allow you to repost a discount, add category tags, increase the radius, make a discount visible country wide, add an image slideshow, add video, add a link to your website or make it a special.
Page premium features include page verification to let users know your page is genuine, detailed analytics for competitor analysis, see current trends and more, add slack for unlimited message archiving and Facebook page integration to help you reach more people on Facebook.

Page and discount recommendations- This refers to when users share your business page or discounts. These recommendations appear on a user’s profile and in the timelines of friends with similar interests.

Specials are discounts that users can partly pay for using their vouchers. Businesses post specials by giving extra price reduction on a normal discount with this additional price reduction being paid for using a student’s Campus Discounts vouchers.

Vouchers- are virtual credits with equated monetary value that are awarded to users for performing activities on the platform. Students can redeem their voucher amounts to get more savings on discounts marked as specials.

Categories. These are groups into which products and services are sorted on Campus Discounts. Categories are used by businesses to tag their pages and discounts to make it easier to search and find them.
Users can also use categories to filter the type of friend recommendations they view on their profile feed.

Page account refers to your business page’s cash and credits reserve on Campus Discounts. This is money that business managers will need when they want to use discounts and/or page premium features or purchase apps on the platform so as to boost their marketing.

Page cash- This is money that a page manager adds to their page account. This money is used to purchase apps, discount and page premium features to boost their pages and discounts on Campus Discounts and other social platforms.

Page credits. This is Campus Discounts virtual currency that we give pages. Page managers can use the credits to purchase apps and/or premium features to boost their pages and discounts on Campus Discounts and other social platforms.