Slack Slack @ Campus Discounts

Slack is a messaging app that is empowering team communication for the 21st century. This app is free to use for as long as you want and with an unlimited number of people.

On Campus Discounts, we have enabled Slack integration for business page managers and app developers to provide additional messaging and management benefits. When creating a page or app you can enable our Slack Campus Discounts App through which you and your business or development team will receive and send timely communication from our users.

In a nutshell, Slack is a team chatroom that can be divided up into smaller channels for group discussion, made up of teams, interests or whatever you desire.

Once integrated, Slack will provide unlimited message archiving allowing you to store messages beyond our 20 messages limit. Furthermore, Slack's search function makes it super easy to find all messages and files you add, so you can come back to the right documents and discussions when you need them.

Whats more, Slack integrates with every other service you probably use. From Zendesk, Google Calendar, GitHub, IFTTT, Mailchimp, New Relic and more.

Follow our detailed guide below on how to integrate Slack onto your Campus Discounts page to get started.

Click on 'My Pages' to access your business page. New to Campus Discounts or haven't created a page? Click on 'Create Page' to get started.

Now click on the ‘edit page’ button.

Edit page Edit page

Select ‘Managers’, the green people icon, to open a page managers tab which displays your profile and an ‘Add to Slack’ button just below your profile avatar.

Managers Managers

You are directed to the Slack platform. Click on 'Create a new team'

On mobile, Slack gives the option of downloading the Slack app for people trying to create a new team or entering your team's domain name for teams already registered.
Click on download the app to get started. Once on Slack, click on create team.

Slack Homepage Slack Homepage Slack Homepage Slack Homepage

Type your email address. Tip: use a working email address as Slack sends a password set email that you need to open to complete your account setup.

Slack Sign In Slack Sign In

Key in your Slack team name, we suggest that this name be the same as your Campus Discounts page name.

Slack Sign In Slack Sign In

Your business account is now set up and you can view the address that you and your coworkers will use to sign in to slack.

Account Setup Account Setup

Now add your name and select a username, ideally names that your coworkers would recognize.

Username Username

Click on ‘Finish’ to complete the set up. The next page allows you to confirm your Slack details.

Confirm details

This leads you to a page where you can opt to send invites to your coworkers to join your newly created Slack team.

Send Invites Send Invites

You can now view your Slack account details, settings and your team's channels.

General channel General channel

On non-mobile devices, click on the Slackbot message to confirm your email address.

General channel

You can edit your Slack business account and team details using the administration settings that appear when you click on your username.

Admin Admin Team settings Team settings

Of importance, you need to set a password to complete your Slack account set up. You will need this password to login to your Slack team. Check for a set your password email in the email address you used to sign up.

Set password Set password

You can now receive messages sent to your page from Campus Discounts users straight to your Slack #general channel or other channels you have created.

View message View message

On the Slack channel, respond to messages sent by Campus Discounts users using this format: /holla @username (the user's name on Campus Discounts as displayed) message (type your message). For example /holla @nae thank you.

Format Format

This response appears in the messages from business pages tab in the user's private messages.

Dm Dm

Now that you have a Campus Discounts page for your business and have set up a Slack account for your team, you could use some help.

You can add coworkers, who are your friends on Campus Discounts, as page managers. They can post discounts and have access to your team's Slack channels once they integrate our Slack app.

Open your Campus Discounts page and click on ‘Edit page’ then select ‘Managers’ and select friend. You can include a department or role they are tasked with eg sales, IT.

Please note that you can use this same deparment name to create a specific Slack channel.

Add manager Add manager

On your coworkers end, they can now access your Campus Discounts business page, select 'Edit page' to access the 'Managers' tab and join your Slack team by clicking on ‘Add to Slack’.

Slack coworker add Slack coworker add

If your coworker is on Slack they now access the integration page, choose a team channel and are part of your Slack team. On completing this process, the user is redirected to the Campus Discounts page they manage.

Slack coworker add Slack coworker add

For a coworker not on Slack, clicking on 'Add to Slack' directs to a sign in page where they are required to type your team's Slack team domain. This is followed by a page where they choose their username and password combination for Slack registration.

Slack coworker add

Finally, they can access their Slack account and your team channels.

Slack team login Slack team login