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Posted : 09/02/2016

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At Campus Discounts, we care about user experience. Thus, if our users are not able to quantify the value of their time online, we have failed. We realized that the value of being part of a social platform can be better appreciated by the user if intangible rewards (vouchers) are offered along with a virtual currency and a redemption system.
Users’ activity on our platform (indicated in part by vouchers) is then transformed into value in the real world in the form of tangible rewards such as physical items and services.

We reward active users through the Vouchers and Specials features. These help students get value, in the physical world, from their activities on our platform while ensuring that businesses have more promotional options besides posting discounts.


Vouchers are virtual credits with equated monetary value that are awarded to users for performing activities on the platform.
Earning vouchers starts when you register and we credit your voucher amount with $5. Thereafter, each activity you perform earns you more voucher credits. Activities such as rating or following a page, sending and accepting friend requests, recommending pages or discounts, commenting and much more earn you vouchers.
Students can redeem their voucher amounts to get more savings on discounts marked as specials.



Specials are discounts that users can partly pay for using their Campus Discounts virtual cash vouchers. Businesses post specials by giving extra price reduction on a normal discount with this additional price reduction being paid for using a student’s Campus Discounts vouchers. This is done via an app from our App Zone.
Specials are flexible promotional tools that businesses can utilize in many ways like rewarding loyal customers, attracting new customers or driving sales during slow periods.

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Naomi Wambui is a co-founder & COO of Campus Discounts.