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Posted : 06/16/2017

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Your User Profile

All Campus Discounts profiles are public and anyone can search for and view your user profile. Your profile is designed to initiate social connections by letting other users see your campus, recommendations, pages you follow and more. This is what others see when they visit your profile:


The content viewed includes your name, country, university and major if indicated. There are options for the user to send you a friend request, message you or report your profile for malicious activity.
The recommendations tab shows the discount, page, group and app recommendations that you have made. The friends tab displays your friends.
Pages that you have created or manage are visible in the pages tab while those pages you subscribe to are seen in the following tab.

Profile dashboard

Your profile dashboard displays content that only you can see, other users cannot view or access this part of your profile.
When logged in, click on the menu icon reorder found on the top left side. Then click on your username that has @, to view your profile dashboard. From the dashboard, you can access profile settings, your friends list, your pages, your campus and so much more.

Profile edit

To edit your profile details ensure you are logged in, click on your profile picture found on the top right. Now select "My profile" to access your dashboard, then choose "My settings".


This section opens with options to select, edit and save content in four different tabs. Change names, email and campus in the user details tab; change your profile picture in the edit avatar tab; customize your feed by telling us what your interests are in the interests tab and tell others about yourself in the user details tab..

Other features

Some private profile features are only accessed from the top menu found on every page.


The menu icon reorder found on the top left side opens to display your profile details, plus links to the following pages your friends, messages, groups, wish list and vouchers.
To start a chat, click on the arrow at the bottom of the menu and type a user name or scroll down and select the friend you want to chat with. Clicking on a specific friend opens the chat window. Happy chatting!

Clicking on the home icon or site name will load your news feed which contains recommendations made by your friends.
This is followed by a product search slot where you can type a product name and your campus. Please ensure that your country is selected correctly. The discounts related to your search are displayed immediately.

Your voucher balance displayed next in your local currency. Vouchers are virtual credits with equated monetary value that are awarded to users for performing activities on the platform. Students can redeem their voucher amounts to get more savings on discounts marked as specials.
Earning vouchers starts when you register and we credit your voucher amount with $5. Thereafter, each activity you perform earns you more voucher credits. Activities such as rating or following a page, sending and accepting friend requests, recommending pages or discounts, commenting and much more earn you vouchers. Read more here.

people_outline Displays a number when there is new activity in your friend's page. You can click this icon to access the "My friends" page which contains all your current friends, pending friend requests, ignored requests and sent friend requests. You can access and control your Campus Discounts connections.

The messages page shows all your direct messages grouped into messages from apps, businesses and other users. Click the chat_bubble_outline icon to access messages.

All your notifications can easily be accessed by clicking on the notifications_none icon.

At the extreme right is your profile picture which contains a drop down menu displayed when you click.


This drop down menu gives access to:

  • account_box Edit profile-edit your user details, avatar and interests.
  • My campus this leads to your indicated campus page, view discounts by nearby businesses, top trends and students in your campus. There is an add campus option too if you have not indicated your campus.
  • My pages displays pages you follow, pages you have created and/or those you have been appointed to manage. This is also the starting point for business owners to create and manage a business page as detailed here.
  • Use map. Here, get directions to nearby businesses that offer student discounts. We exist so a to connect students with millions of small businesses around the world. From the local spa, to the local pizza place students can easily find discounts and businesses near them using this map.
  • The search page gives you flexible and easy content discovery. Find discounts, businesses, users, groups, campuses, apps and articles using specialised filters to get exactly what you are looking for.
  • Appzone-gets you into our app store where you can access numerous apps designed just for you. Get apps to help manage your profile, business page, discounts and so much more.
  • Log out-closes your current user session.

We hope this post helps you navigate your user profile better. Got any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments section below.


Naomi Wambui is a co-founder & COO of Campus Discounts.