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Posted : 01/25/2017

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A page is a business profile on Campus Discounts. It carries your business details, allows you to receive and respond to direct messages, post discounts and much more. Here's how to create a page:

  • New to Campus Discounts? Join and create a page in one easy step.
  • Have you registered but not created a page? Log in, click on your profile picture on the top right, select 'My Pages', click create and fill in your business details.
  • Have you already registered and created a business page? Log in, click on your profile picture on the top right, select 'My Pages' to access your business page.


Your Campus Discounts business page is a great way for your business to increase its visibility on the internet and thus broaden your audience which leads to more sales. You can also launch, monitor and assess different tailor-made promotions from your page.
Honestly, just adding your business name and contacts isn’t enough as users online would like to see and more. Business pages are prime online real estate that you cannot afford to neglect. We already outlined how to post discounts in this article. Here are some insights on what more you can do on your Campus Discounts page.

You will need to log in to access your page manager options. Click on your profile image to the top right, select "My Pages" and choose or create a page if you don't have one. Now click the black arrow icon next to the page name, select "Manage" to display your page menu.


This section is divided into various tabs and carries the bulk of your page details.

Map location tab. You can add your store’s location so that your business appears on our global map. This helps users get directions to your business location. When this tab is open, zoom in or out and drag the map marker to indicate your location.

Basic details. View and edit your business page name, about, and country of operation here. Tip: squeeze in important information like your contact details and location in the about section. The first 140 characters are displayed in users' feeds.

Extended details. Here, give more information about your business. You can add physical location, mobile number, email address and url links to your website and other social media profiles. Please add the full url for example

Edit logo. It is important for users to see a logo or image they can identify your business with. Add or edit your logo in this section. Note, the image will be resized to 200x200 pixels.

Edit slides. Showcase your products in an image slideshow that works on both web and mobile devices. You can upload up to ten product images but a minimum of three images is needed to start the slideshow. Click select, choose your image and click upload. Repeat this for each image.

Category tags. Here, tag your business in up to 3 product categories that best describe what you do. Users need to know your business’ specialty and easily search for businesses in their country that are tagged in specific categories. Simply add the fitting tags and save all changes at once.

Managers. Here, add someone who is your friend on Campus Discounts to help you manage your page. Managers can edit page details, post discounts, view analytics, respond to messages and access the page account. You can also remove managers here.


To facilitate direct communication, users have the option of messaging a business page. A page manager can view and respond to these direct messages by accessing the messages tab on their page. Once a manager responds to a message, the response is displayed in the user's inbox.

Premium Features

To access premium features on your page, click the black arrow icon next to your page name, select manage and choose premium features. This opens to display your page account and four different tabs which you can use to verify your page, add Slack, link to your Facebook page and access advanced analytics. Get a detailed outline on how to activate each of these features in this article.


View detailed analytics on your subscriber numbers, page recommendations and ratings. Users who choose to subscribe to your page are sent instant notifications each time you post a discount. User reviews and ratings serve to give you direct feedback on your product pricing and quality plus your overall customer service experience. When users can recommend your business page to others, these page recommendations appear on their friends' feed.
You can use this data to help you assess your marketing efforts on Campus Discounts.


Page account refers to your business page’s cash and credits reserve on Campus Discounts. This is money that business managers will need when they want to use discount and/or page premium features or purchase apps on the platform so as to boost their marketing.
Here, page managers can top up their page cash that is money added to a page account. Currently, we support cash top up via PayPal. Managers can also see their page credits amount. This is Campus Discounts virtual currency that we give pages so that they can use to market here and on other social media platforms.

My Pages

This tab displays all your business pages with direct links you can use to access menu options for each page. You can access the menu by clicking the black arrow icon next to the page, then select manage. Remember, you only need one page per business.

Go on and make the most out of your page today!


Naomi Wambui is a co-founder & COO of Campus Discounts.