About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

Campus Discounts helps students conveniently find nearby discounts while connecting with fellow students through actions such as liking, commenting, recommendations, ratings and reviews.
We save students the hustle of window shopping and pruchase disappointment by leveraging peer to peer product recommendations made by students with similar interests and purchasing power.
Businesses can collect and use this data to generate actionable intel like market trends, sentiments towards new products, brand awareness and competitor analysis.
Businesses no longer have to print and distribute flyers, cover their shop fronts with bannersand posters or use other hard to trck and ineffective methods to advertise their student discounts.

How We Do It

Businesses get extensive marketing reach, free location-based advertising,detailed analytics, easy to execute and effecive promotional options, direct marketing and acces to comprehensive business guides. Learn more
Students get to save money, get daily rewards, connect with others, see whats trending in their campus, create or join groups based on their interests. Learn more

Our Story

We understand student life because we lived it. Our founder, whilst still a university student, wanted to buy a smart phone without having to walk from store to store. He simply wanted to get referrals from his fellow students with similar interests and budget constraints. The lack of collated information on what he needed annoyed him given that we live in a connected world. He was sure there was a smartphone that befitted a student budget and probably on sale nearby. Maybe a fellow student in his campus had bought one recently.
We started working on a social platform where such knowledge could be shared and help students save time and money. Businesses too would benefit from a quicker turnover and increased exposure.